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domenica 24 novembre 2013


The scene is set in early 1945, East Prussia. It depicts a secondary road during German retreat, recently stormed by air attacks. The Stug is carrying some wounded soldiers, picked up in the battlefield.
The main model is the Dragon kit of Stug III with zimmerit (July 1944 production, according to Dragon indications. It is a good kit, enhanced with some photo-etched from Eduard and Friul tracks.
The tank has the “rounded” schurtzen, that were a field modification seen on various Stug III and IV in the late part of the war. They came from a Panzer Art aftermarket set. Purpose of the filed modification was allowing the rotation of the schurtzen to prevent their loss when clashing against obstacles, trees, terrain, etc…
Figures are a mix of Stalingrad, Warriors, Black Dog and Total War, with Hornet heads. Hornet are by far the best heads available on the market and offer a great selection of expressions that are very useful in a diorama.
The Stug and all the figures were painted with Vallejo acrylics. Weathering was dome with oils and AK Enamels.
Painting the camouflage of the figures was a long process, especially for the Black Dog figures standing on the Stug and wearing a “water tan” splinter camo, with very soft edges of colors surrounding the solid patches of the camo.
For the very thin “rain marks” I used Micro Mark brushes, and a very thinned mixture of Vallejo acrylics.
The Kubel is the Tamiya model, with some aftermarkets addition. The rust effect was obtained using MIG and AK rust washes and MIG pigments, in the different tones of rust available on their catalogue.
The terrain was made using clay covered with Tamiya Dark Mud paste, painted with oils. The wet effect was achieved using gloss varnish coat and Future Wax.
Signs on the telegraph pole come from different kits and were heavily weathered with oils.
It was a long and sometimes painful work, but at the end I am quite satisfied with the final outcome.

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